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Specialised content in Digital Marketing is included in this qualification.


The Left Bank’s Diploma of Business is a nationally recognised and accredited course which will give you the skills to develop and implement Digital Marketing strategies and initiatives. Developed by leading Digital Marketing experts from within the Australian digital industry, this course features up-to-the-minute content covering all aspects of the Digital Marketing spectrum.

Life is too
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Master your Digital Marketing skills

Keep up with the fast-changing Digital Marketing world. Learn the most up-to-date Digital Marketing strategies and tactics including Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Display Advertising, Data Analytics or eCommerce to secure your dream job in Marketing or Digital Marketing.

Grow your business with Digital Marketing

Learn the most current and relevant Digital Marketing strategies and tactics to increase the number of new customers and to increase revenue through content marketing, SEO, SEM, Display Advertising, or Social Media. Find out how to use data to improve your Marketing and business performance.

Jumpstart your career in Digital Marketing

Take this opportunity to jumpstart a career in Digital Marketing. Our course will provide you with the most up-to-date Digital Marketing knowledge and skills. The nationally recognised and accredited qualification will help you to open doors to your next dream job in marketing.


Digital Marketing Strategies

Understand Digital Ecosystem concepts and learn how to develop and implement complex Digital Marketing strategies and tactics.

Digital Advertising

Determine requirements to develop a Paid Media plan including Display Advertising, Programmatic Media Buying plus Briefing Display Creative.

Social Media Marketing

Interpret, prepare and implement complex social media marketing campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others.


How to implement an eCommerce strategy for an online store, and understand the latest eCommerce strategies and tactics.


Learn how to improve marketing performance through SEM and SEO activities including Google AdWords.

Data Analytics

How to identify and analyse measurement of marketing effectiveness including ROI through Data Analytics.


Study mode:

Online, in your own time, with support from your personal educator

Course structure:

8 subjects over 3 study blocks

Course duration:

78 weeks (no official term breaks), 3 study blocks of 26 weeks each, recommended 16 hours/week study


Diploma of Business BSB50215

A new release of this course came into effect on 27th September 2018. This course is deemed equivalent by the regulatory authorities. Please visit training.gov.au for further information or contact us if you have any questions.

Nationally recognised qualification:


Awarded by:

Academy of Information Technology (RTO: 90511)

Credit transfers & RPL:

Previous education and experience will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Entry requirements:

  • Students must be a minimum age of 18 years, and
  • completed Australia year 12 or equivalent, or
  • undertake an interview with the Admissions Officer to determine suitability, and
  • be able to demonstrate the capability and capacity to study at Diploma level,
  • have a Unique Student Identifier (USI)
  • have access to the internet and own a computer, laptop or other mobile digital device

To apply for the Diploma of Business, we require the following supporting evidence:

  • Photographic identification (Drivers licence or passport)
  • For applicants seeking a VET Student Loan:
    • Australian Tax File Number (TFN), and
    • certified copy of Australian Year 12 Certificate (government authority issued), or
    • certified copy of a certificate IV qualification or higher (delivered in English),
    • proof of Australian Citizenship, or
    • Humanitarian visa, or
    • New Zealand Special Category visa

If you undertake ana approved literacy and numeracy assessment you achieve a result of competency at Exit level 3 (working at level 4) or above. We will assist you through the process to undertake this assessment if required. There is no cost to you.
The results of your LLN assessment are retained by the Academy of Information Technology in accordance with Privacy and data security requirements for a period of 25 years. In the event that the Commonwealth Government requests your results or proof of LLN assessment these will be provided to the relevant government department.

Other requirements:

PC/Notebook/Tablet, internet browser and internet connection

Course Price:


Payment options:

Start dates:





Subject 1 – Introduction to Digital Marketing & Digital Marketing Philosophies

(BSBMKG502 Establish and adjust the marketing mix)
Get an overview of the marketing basics and understand how the marketing mix has changed with the rise of the digital landscape. This subject lays the foundation for the rest of the course.

Subject 2 – Email & Website Marketing

(BSBMKG510 Plan e-marketing communications)
With nearly 105 billion emails sent each day, this marketing tactic is key to speaking directly to your customers. Find out how to build an email list (lead generation), communicate offers and promotions, create positive customer relationships, and reward loyalty. Learn how to develop a website strategy and integrate this into your digital marketing plan.

Subject 3 – Content Marketing

(BSBWRT501 Write persuasive copy)
Content Marketing is a pivotal area of Digital Marketing as we consume content online all day, every day. Learn how to create engaging videos, blogs, social media posts and more to attract customers, promote your business, and sell your products and services across various online channels.


Subject 4 – Social Media Marketing

(BSBMKG537 Develop a Social Media Engagement plan)
Social media is an essential and powerful way to drive new business and increase revenue, with companies now spending more on social media than traditional advertising. Use networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build an engaged online community that will buy from you. Learn how to create and implement results-driven social media marketing and paid advertising campaigns across various social media platforms.

Subject 5 – Search Engine Optimisation

(BSBMKG535 Devise a search engine optimisation strategy)
A majority of people perform some sort of online search before making a purchase. Make sure your website gets found by search engines like Google and Bing and drive traffic to it through an effective SEO strategy. Learn how keywords, content and off-page factors work together to ensure your website is visible in search engine results.

Subject 6 – Digital Advertising

(BSBADV507 Develop a media plan)
Promote your business and drive customers to your website using paid advertising methods such as Google Ads, display advertising and programmatic media buying. Plan, deliver and optimise an integrated digital advertising campaign that achieves results.


Subject 7 – Data-Driven Marketing

(BSBMKG501 Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities)
Data analytics is an exciting and powerful way to help you gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour and streamline your digital marketing activities. This subject will help you create and manage a data strategy, allowing you to identify effective and ineffective strategies to determine your digital market spending. You will learn data sources and how we collect and measure data in the digital world, how we analyse data to better achieve our business objectives and most importantly we’ll teach you which metrics matter in a sea of data that is now at our fingertips. As part of this subject, you will also complete your ‘Introduction to Google Analytics’ certificate (within Google) with the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of the Google Analytics platform.

Subject 8 – MarTech & Automation

(BSBINM501 Manage an information or knowledge management system)
As a Digital Marketer, you will use technology in your daily role. Learn how to use different platforms and software to better understand your customer, manage their information, optimise your marketing, and do your job more effectively. Use this information to set up automated marketing campaigns that run in the background and are sparked by customer details and behaviours.


The Diploma of Business is perfect for individuals who wish to start a career in digital marketing and for traditional marketers who want to master the new world of digital. The course is designed to take someone with little to no knowledge and turn them into an expert.

  • People with no marketing background who would like to work in the digital marketing industry
  • Traditional marketers looking to upskill in the area of digital
  • Business owners who want to learn how to promote their business online
  • People who want to get formally qualified in Digital Marketing


  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Website and Content Marketer

  • Inbound Marketing Manager

  • SEM/SEO Manager

  • Digital Campaign Manager

  • Data Analyst

  • CRM Manager


Upon enrolment, you’ll be allocated your own personal educator
who will mentor and support you throughout the course.

Sharna Bregman

Specialist in video production and editing / advertising and technology. Sharna has produced social campaigns, mobile apps and games for some of Australia’s biggest brands and is a qualified digital education expert.

Annette Staglieno

Specialist in Digital Marketing and Communications across the music and entertainment industry, working with brands such as MTV, Sony music, Universal Music, Pacific Magazines, Who Magazine. Annette is a qualified education professional in her field.




I have enjoyed my studies through the year and know with a diploma I will be able to advance to a greater role within marketing.

Chantelle Pokai

Learning digital marketing has helped me feel more enlightened and empowered to do my job more effectively.

Nicole Saccaro