1. MAC latest beauty brand to try AR in-store
Mac has introduced augmented reality mirrors in its brick and mortar stores in a bid to try and improve foot traffic. While Mac is not the first to try their hand at using VR to sample their products, most of the other brands have created mobile apps that allow users to try products on the go. Other beauty retailers, such at Sephora have also tried injecting a VR instore experience and if the growth in the beauty market is anything to go by, we think more brands in the future will start to integrate this technology into their campaigns.

Read More: https://www.marketingdive.com/news/mac-cosmetics-rolls-out-in-store-ar-try-on-mirror/510830/


2. Pinterest Pin Codes bridge the gap between offline and online
Pinterest has launched Pin Codes, which take users directly to a curated board, your profile or a special offer within Pinterest
The pin codes work when the user opens up their Pinterest camera and scans the code. Similar to how QR code works.
Nordstrom is one of the first brands to test it out. It has placed Pin Codes throughout its store which takes users to its ‘gifts under $100’ board. The opportunities for brands are endless, think grocery brands offering recipes and magazines offering fashion and beauty inspo.

Read More: https://business.pinterest.com/en/blog/new-create-offline-to-online-experiences-with-pincodes


3. Facebook launches new ‘Local’ app
Facebook has re-branded its events app (don’t worry he hadn’t really heard of it either). ‘Facebook Local’ launched in the US last week showing shortcuts to nearby restaurants, cafes, drinks, attractions, and more, as well as where friends and people you follow go. There are discussions that if done well, Facebook Local could become a legitimate competitor to Yelp and Foursquare.

Read More: https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/10/facebook-local/


4. Facebook launches new ‘Creator’ app
Seems like Facebook are on a roll with releasing apps this week with the new ‘Creator App also launched this week.
The Facebook Creator app helps you to create original video content, add exclusive features to Live videos (intros, outros and custom stickers!) Facebook Creator app launched globally today on iOS and will be rolling out to Android users in the coming months. The app is open to individuals on Pages or profiles.

Read more: https://www.facebook.com/creators/



5. Facebook adds additional transparency to advertising
Facebook is making it easier for users to see exactly how brands are advertising, even when the ads aren’t meant for them! Facebook has released a note in their newsroom “Starting next month, people will be able to click “View Ads” on a Page and view ads a Page is running on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger — whether or not the person viewing is in the intended target audience for the ad. All Pages will be part of this effort, and we will require that all ads be associated with a Page as part of the ad creation process. We will start this test in Canada and roll it out to the US by this summer, ahead of the US midterm elections in November, as well as broadly to all other countries around the same time.

Read More: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/10/update-on-our-advertising-transparency-and-authenticity-efforts/