1. Snapchat just released a feature that changes one of its core aspects.

With the rise of short storytelling becoming more and more prevalent across social media, Snapchat released has released a new feature called ‘Multi-snap’ which enables more freedom around the Snapchat 10 second rule.

This new feature is considered a fundamental change of one of the core aspects of the platform and is considered an interesting development considering the battle between Snapchat and Instagram.

The new feature works by holding down the record button for one minute to record 6 x 10 seconds’ snaps in chronological order which can then be shared as a complete story or as individual snaps. Multi-snaps can be jazzed up just like any other snaps.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/18/snapchat-adds-multi-snap-recording-and-a-color-changing-tint-brush/


  1. Shopify offer in-domain check out

If you have an e-commerce business and you’re using Shopify you’ll be thrilled to hear that Shopify has just released in-domain check out, meaning customers are no longer redirected to another domain to check out. The whole experience from homepage to checkout will all be contained within your site. The new feature is free to all merchants and it will be activated automatically.

Read more: https://www.shopify.com.au/blog/introducing-checkout-on-your-own-domain


  1. Nordstrom goes digital for their Anniversary Sale

US retailer Nordstrom which has 354 locations across 40 states has launched a digital heavy campaign for their latest Anniversary sale. The campaign features a range of digital tactics including Snapchat geo-filters, Snapchat lenses featuring accessories from their sale that can be unlocked via snapcodes printed on offline materials like coffee cups and catalogues.

Their Scan + shop feature lets customers scan items within a print catalogue to save within their Nordstrom app. The store is also offering kerb side pickup for online orders and engaged a handful of ambassadors to help them with the campaign.

Read more: http://www.marketingdive.com/news/nordstrom-hones-snapchat-strategy-for-annual-anniversary-sale/447306/


  1. Vodka Cruiser ads banned from Instagram

Vodka brand – Vodka Cruisers have had their ads banned from Instagram after the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) found their ads to be targeting teens. The ads featured a girl whose age is questionable and the complaint also highlights the brands’ lack of care in terms of the age of its followers. The account does state you need to be 18+ to follow but there is nothing to prevent under 18s from following.

Read more: http://www.adnews.com.au/news/brazen-booze-brand-vodka-cruisers-targets-teens-instagram-ad-banned


  1. Ok Google, where’s the nearest Servo?

Google home has launched in Australia and for just $199 Google can control functions in your house from streaming platforms such as Netflix and Stan to the lighting and volume of your music.

The Australian version comes with an Aussie accent and the development team has been working on making it recognise the Australian accent, teaching it Australian slang such as ‘arvo’ and ‘brekkie’ and ‘servo’

Adnews.com reports, it also connects with Google services, people’s calendars and will playback search results, answer questions, translate phrases, answer maths calculations and offer definitions, nutritional information and weight conversions, and give the latest news and movie reviews all in response to voice commands.

Read more: http://www.adnews.com.au/news/google-home-launches-in-australia-with-netflix-and-stan-integration