Does the popularity of new social media platform Vero mean people are starting to look for alternatives to established platforms like Facebook and Instagram?

Founded in 2015 by Ayman Hariri the son of assassinated Lebanese leader Rafic Hariri, at the time of writing this the app was the #1 trending app in the app store with a reported almost 1 million downloads in just under a week. While this is just a blip compared to the current 800 million Instagram users and 2.2 billion Facebook users they too had to start somewhere.

In a seemingly smart move to help soften the apps teething problems the first 1 million sign-ups will receive lifetime memberships. While the platform is currently ad free a spokeswoman for Vero said, it will eventually move into a subscription model. Not that Hariri needs the cash, he is reportedly worth 1.33 billion.

So, what’s different?

Vero describes itself as:
“….a relationship first social network. We aim to align physical world relationships to the online experience, providing you a seamless way to share content with your network of friends and deliver a true connection with the people that matter to you.”

As is the norm on most social media sites, users can share photos, links, text updates, books and music. However, you can easily set limitations on how you share your posts. Users group their connections into baskets – close friends, friends, acquaintances and followers and can choose which bucket to share their content with. While you can currently do this on Facebook and Google +, Vero says that it’s unique in that you can toggle between audience settings for each post and have different avatars depending on who you are sharing your post with.

The big clincher though is that currently Vero offer a chronological news feed which means your feed is free from curation or those pesky algorithms, something that Instagram has recently been in hot water for. It is important to note that most social media platforms started out this way and the sceptic in me wonders how long it will be before the algorithm fairies take hold.

One unique thing to note is the ‘product’ posts and profiles that link to in-app purchasing. You don’t need to leave the app to complete your purchase and iOS users have the option to use Apple Pay to complete their purchase.

While it’s still early days, the new platform has certainly been gathering attention. Make sure you get in quick to take full advantage of the free lifetime membership! We have and will keep you updated as more unfolds.

Watch the video below for an immersive run through of the new platform.




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