Student Spotlight: Leneila Lynne


Leneila Lynne

Q: What city do you live in?


Q: What subject are you up to?

Subject 5 – Paid Advertising, of the Diploma in Business

Q: What was your motivation for doing this course?

Before I became a mother, I was a freelance Personal Trainer. I always loved working on my social media and trying to market the business with new ideas, creating a logo and content for the platforms. After giving birth to my 2 lil monkeys I then started working within my family business working on the social media and public relations where I rediscovered my love of creativity, I also always had a passion for photography and Photoshop and played around with YouTube tutorials to try and teach myself the basics, from there I tried to figure out what creative path would allow me to all of this at once. After some time, I thought the best way to pursue this new career was doing a course in digital marketing. After finding The Left bank I felt very comfortable with going ahead with them, everyone on the team made it so simple, with setting realistic goals and were really accommodating with every situation, especially because I have 2 children under 4yrs. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough to anyone wanting a career change or updating their skill set. Annette and Marek are the best and even Teegan the student coordinator is so friendly!

Q: What have you found most interesting about the course?

I knew nothing about SEO before starting, and then it became my favourite subject during the course. There are just so many cool and creative ways to get seen, like keyword research which I found fun, or finding relevant sites to build backlinks etc. This I found the most interesting, and just the history of marketing, where it all started and how it has progressed over the years! It’s amazing and scary at the same time to be able to see what the future holds for us in the digital sense as we are just in the beginning, it will benefit us a lot and blow our minds in so many different ways, but I believe sometimes there is nothing like an old hand written letter, sent through the post, with a stamp addressed to you in handwriting or a good book you can sit down with and open and being able to smell the pages 🙂

Q: Do you have any awesome study tips to share?

Try and stay ahead, and stay focused. It is easy to lose focus and fall behind especially towards the end and when you have family demands. I also found organising my study space to be outdoors surrounding myself with my herbs and plants (and of course coffee) next to my laptop really helps me get into the mood.

Q: What has been your greatest achievement whilst doing the course so far?

My greatest achievement would be making the decision to change my whole career from a Personal Trainer to a confident Digital Marketer. I have recently been lucky enough to secure an Internship with a digital marketing agency because of my studies with the Left Bank so I know I’m on my way to my dream career which is exciting.

Q: What do you hope to do after you finish the course?

After I finish my internship to gain some more hands-on experience I have my eyes on a leading digital agency based in Melbourne. I hope to apply and get a job there and, progress my career from there.

Q: If you could invite 3 people to a dinner party (dead or alive) who would you invite?

Jason Silva, Deepak Chopra and Melissa McCarthy

Q: Favourite social media platform and why?

I love both IG and Facebook, but would have to say FB more because I just love reading other posts of information and watching videos about, well….everything really! I always get lost on there, fleeting from one post to another…soooo addictive haha! I also like being able to share info with my friends if I feel it would be of interest or to give people a laugh.


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