Just a decade ago many people chose to study remotely because distance precluded them from attending physically. A decade before that, studying outside of a classroom was only possible if schooling at home was available. That is, if you were a 10 year old. In other words, traditional education took place within the walls of a school, college or university placing students in one room with other fellow students.

A lot has changed since…

The current challenges facing traditional colleges and universities, including higher tuition, budget cuts and course shortages, have caused many students to search for alternatives. Moreover, technological advancements have given many of us access to the education we want without leaving the comfort of our homes or work.

Online education offers many benefits and advantages while still providing programs and courses of high quality.

In the US, 98% of public universities have got an online arm, so the uptake has been a little bit slower in Australia. However, it’s been very rapid over the last five years. Studying is becoming something you don’t need to stop your life for.

Online learning is, no doubt, an inevitable development in 2015. However, is it suitable for you? You bet!

While some assume that online learning implies that there will be a lack of classmates to study with, online learning software programs are seamlessly integrated with social media, making it possible to create online communities that are course specific.

Blogs, tweets, podcasts, webcasts, online chats, discussion boards, and virtual study jams are all part of the online mix. Not only the chosen course is covered, but the new age crucial social media skills are gained with the help of online learning.

We believe that online learning has the potential to revolutionise higher education. Students are able to work on group projects even more efficiently, saving time on commuting to the library or university by catching up in Skype or online groups.

An online course generally includes message boards and online chats, which give you the opportunity to discuss your work and make connections with other students – no matter where they are located. This allows you to connect with like-minded people all over the country giving a better perspective on your assignments. Most importantly, you have full control over the amount of exposure you have to the other students. And, of course, you manage your time allowing yourself to decide on the percentage of time spent online and offline, meetings experts, professionals and other students.

Online learning opened doors to many more degrees and professions which would have otherwise been impossible to obtain. Digital marketing education is one in most demand; yet many on campus degrees are lacking basic knowledge of some concepts including analytics, conversion rate optimisation, mobile marketing, social media engagement and many others.

Studying digital marketing online allows students to gain the desirable qualification and land on an awesome job without the struggle of finding the right course and attending lectures and seminars, which may be preaching practises which will be out of date by the time they complete the degree.

Online programs can be a more affordable option than traditional colleges. No commuting costs and no ridiculously dear textbooks which you need to purchase in addition to paying for the tuition fee. In most cases the online course fee already includes all content needed so all of this can definitely be effective money savers.

Plus do you remember the heavy and outdated textbooks you had to purchase each term? Well, with online learning the content provided digitally and it is the most up to date. No need to study marketing techniques of the 2001 but can jump straight into the current trends.

With hundreds of students in the room and one lecturer per group, it can be time consuming waiting for your supervisor to get back to you with your projects’ or papers’ results. Connecting online enables quicker feedback. It is so much easier to complete a task, discuss it with your superiors, adjust immediately and apply straight away. The modern workplace environment is a very fast one so why do you need to waste time in class waiting?

Although the world is fast, it doesn’t mean you have to be in a hurry. Some people take time to absorb the information. While digesting, the rest of the class might be moving on. Online learning is designed to be flexible. Well, its online accessible any time of the day allowing you as much time to complete your projects as you need (within the course frame, of course).

Moreover, students can take online courses and even complete entire degrees or qualification while working, in-between jobs, or taking time to raise a family.

This might sound surprising because we expect to learn everything we need for the real world within a university’s walls. The truth is, most university and college training material and courses structures are outdated and not relevant to the real world. Studying online allows you to dig into real life case studies, up to date techniques and even connect with the current experts in your field. You could connect with your business idol via LinkedIn getting real life tips (or maybe even an internship) making real life priceless connections while completing your academic units online. Precious experience unavailable in the classrooms.