Get to know one of our Digital Marketing students better with our latest student spotlight.

What city do you live in?

Are you an online or on-campus student?

What subject are you up to?
Subject 2 Email & Website Marketing

What made you want to study Digital Marketing?
To build and develop my skills in the Digital Marketing realm.

What have you found most interesting about the course?
It’s too hard to narrow it down to just one! So far, I have really enjoyed the course in its entirety, the content is extremely interesting, and the educators have been amazing!

Do you have any awesome study tips to share?
Stay focused and utilise all of the resources provided by Left Bank. Ensure you complete your student workbook with each subject, I have found this to be very helpful in retaining the course content and also a place to refer back to when completing the assignments.

What do you hope to do after you finish the course?
To build and develop my Design and Photography business online and to market it globally with the knowledge I gain with this course.



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