Jessica Hankinson

Online or on-campus student?

What city do you live in?
Perth Western, Australia

What subject are you up to?
Subject 3: Content Marketing

What was your motivation for doing this course?
I’ve been a graphic designer for the past 10 years and have run my own business as well as also having been the Creative Director for a property development team and now working for Channel 7.

Along the way, I have developed and learned about marketing through real-world experience but I still have a few blanks to fill in.

My motivation for doing this course was to put my skills to the test and see if I have what it takes to dive more into marketing as well as actually having a qualification behind me to back my credentials to my clients.

What have you found most interesting about the course?
Being a millennial myself, the examples that are used throughout the course are relevant to me and my interests which makes it easier to understand.

Being a business worker and having worked in a CBD I can relate to the client Brew and Co. I also find that there are useful bits of information that put marketing practice in context.

Things that make me think “that is actually really clever” or “I did not know that!”

Do you have any awesome study tips to share?
I work full time and run my own business on the side, so studying can be hard. My advice is to make sure you have Canvas on your iPad or phone and take it everywhere with you. I often study on my lunch break or if I’m waiting for an uber etc.

Having the technology so readily available means there is no excuse to not study whenever you can find the time.

I also purchased an Ipad pro to use for this course and the split-screen feature makes studying and typing my notes really easy.

I have Canvas on one side and google docs on the other where I type my notes on the material. Google docs lets me access my notes wherever I need to and keep the important info at hand so I can go back and refer to it if needed. Google Docs + Ipad = highly recommend

What do you hope to do after you finish the course?
Be able to use my knowledge and new qualification to continue to bring value to my workplace and advance in my career.

I hope to be a Creative Director or Marketing Manager of a large company (Such as channel 7).