What city do you live in?
Geelong, Victoria

Are you an online or on-campus student?

What subject are you up to?
Email Marketing

What was your motivation for doing this course?
Looking for a change of career

What have you found most interesting about the course?
The fundamentals of marketing was very detailed and great to have a solid foundation of real world marketing principles and how they align with digital marketing.

Do you have any awesome study tips to share?
Map out each subject on a calendar (eg Google Calendar) so you can keep track of your pace. That way you can easily see if you need to put in a few extra hours to keep track, or have a guilt free couple of days if you have something important to do (like attending the Digital Marketers Australia Conference!)

What do you hope to do after you finish the course?
By the time I have finished the course, I hope to be well on my way to operating my own agency, with a couple of clients on board. I plan to help businesses in the e-commerce space to ensure their business are eBusiness Ready (can you guess what my agency will be called?)


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