Get to know one our Digital Marketing students better with our latest student spotlight.

What city do you live in?
The Blue Mountains NSW

Were you an online or on-campus student?

What made you want to study Digital Marketing?
I decided to start freelance writing and wanted to expand my services to Digital Marketing and copywriting.

Why did you choose Left Bank?
Firstly it was one of the only schools offering a specialised diploma in digital marketing and the course outline covered the things I wanted to learn. It was also doable for me because I didn’t have to pay the entire course fee upfront with the option to repay my share of the cost over the course of my studies.

What was your favourite subject of the course?
The Social Media and Search Engine Marketing subjects were really interesting and relevant to a lot of what I do. I also Found the Digital Ecosystems and Content Marketing subject cleared up a lot of things for me.

One bit of advice for current students – any study tips?
Yes, stick with it and ask questions. Make sure you put aside time each day to keep up with your work, especially if you are working online. I also found it helpful to start some of my own projects so that I could test out my new skills in a real-world environment.

Are you working in the Digital Marketing industry now?
It is a part of what I’m doing now which is great. I am a contractor and cover a really broad range of things but I am currently working on a website, SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing strategy for a client at the moment which has been really fun and rewarding.

What do you hope to do with your Digital Marketing skills in your career?
I’m a bit of a side hustle addict and I’ve always got projects in the pipes so I would like to use my skills to keep building up my own business as it grows. I’ve found that learning Digital Marketing has given me a really unique skill set combined with my work in music, arts and entertainment. This has given me a bit of a niche to work in which is always good.


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