First, tell me a bit about you! (who you are, what you do, something fun!
Hi :)!

I’m Jono Petrohilos, I am the CEO of Fitness Education Online, the largest online education company for Fitness Trainers in Australia. I am also the worlds biggest Sons of Anarchy fan!

Before becoming an educator at Left Bank, what were you doing for work? (What is your career history?)
I used to work in the fitness industry.

What inspired you to want to get into teaching?
I love helping people

What subjects do you teach at Left Bank?

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

Favourite holiday destination?
San Diego

Favourite food?
Italian 🙂

Favourite movie?
Tie between Pitch Perfect and Scarface!

Best concert you’ve ever been to?
I’m not a concert guy… I’d prefer listening to Spotify in my car :p!

Store you’d max out your credit card at?
The Tony Robbins store 🙂

First thing you’d do if you won Tattslotto?
Love this question!

a) Pay off my mortgage
b) Donate the rest to charity

A lot of people say they’d donate straight away… I’m not a fan of that philosophy… Because I figure if I pay my mortgage off first… I’ll be able to give to charity for the rest of my life.

Top 3 dinner guests, dead or alive and why?

  • Beyonce – because I want to marry her
  • Tony Robbins – because I want to be as successful as him
  • My mum – because she’s my best friend in the world

Favourite brand and why?
Everlast – affordable and comfortable… my two favourite words!