First, tell me a bit about you! (who you are, what you do, something fun!
I’m an online educator for the Left Bank. When I’m not busy teaching I spend my time getting outdoors hiking or on my stand up paddle board – it’s a great way to balance out all the time spent in the digital world.

Before becoming an educator at Left Bank, what were you doing for work? (What is your career history?)
Worked as a marketing adviser both freelance and for agencies. I worked with a variety of small to medium businesses’ helping them to define their marketing strategy and to roll out digital and traditional campaigns. My work saw me launch new businesses, new products and revamp old brands to bring them into the emerging digital space.

What inspired you to want to get into teaching?
I love sharing knowledge and get a real kick out of seeing the skills that a student walks away with in such a short period of time. I particularly love sharing the practical application of marketing theory and draw on my experience in the industry offering ‘real world’ examples and insights.

What subjects do you teach at Left Bank?

  • Email and website marketing
  • Martech and automation
  • Data analytics

Favourite holiday destination?

Favourite food?
Slow cooked lamb

Favourite movie?
Jeux D’enfants (A french film)

Best concert you’ve ever been to?
Coldplay in the pouring rain with New York City as a backdrop

Store you’d max out your credit card at?
Adairs – Obsessed with bed linen

First thing you’d do if you won Tattslotto?
Take all of my friends sailing in the Whitsundays

Top 3 dinner guests, dead or alive and why?

  • Malcolm Gladwell – He’s a thinker and would definitely bring some interesting conversation topics
  • Trevor Noah – For the Lol’s and the intelligent conversation
  • Jason Momoa – Just in case we need someone who can throw an axe 😛

Favourite brand and why?
Virgin. I love everything about Richard Branson (the underdog) and his suite of brands. Virgin does a great job of carrying their tongue in cheek tone across all channels and it’s not uncommon to have a little giggle at a piece of Virgin Communication whether you’re reading a menu on a flight or signing up for a credit card.