First, tell me a bit about you! (who you are, what you do, something fun!)|
I’m Annette and I’m the Academic Manager at Left Bank. I’ve been with Left Bank for almost 4 years and even though I’ve had some pretty cool jobs throughout my career this has to be my favourite!

I love spending time with my dog, Pete, going on hikes and exploring Victoria. I am also a true crime junkie and I have a secret obsession with poetry.

Before becoming an educator at Left Bank, what were you doing for work? (What is your career history?)
I’ve spent most of my career working in marketing within the entertainment industry. I’ve worked at all of the major record labels and even did a stint at MTV and WHO Magazine.

What inspired you to want to get into teaching?
I’ve always been intrigued by education and how humans learn. I also really enjoy creating content. This job makes these two things come together in the best possible way!

What subjects do you teach at Left Bank?
Introduction to Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Data Analytics.

Favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere with a beach, bar and a book!

Favourite food?

Favourite movie
The Italian film – Perfect Strangers

Best concert you’ve ever been to?
Rolling Stones – Sydney Entertainment centre.

Store you’d max out your credit card at?
Sephora or Mecca – I’m currently obsessed with skincare

First thing you’d do if you won Tattslotto?
Buy a van, kit it out and just cruise around Australia with my dog with no timeline and no set destination.

Top 3 dinner guests, dead or alive and why?

  1. Russel Brand – every time he has something to say I want to listen
  2. Maria Popva – I’ve been following her blog, Brain Pickings for about 5 years. She’s literally a walking human library of the most exquisite pieces of writing ever produced.
  3. Mary Oliver – my favourite poet who saw the world in such a magical way. She also has a whole poetry book just on dogs 🙂

Favourite brand and why
Trinny London – Remember Trinny from Trinny and Susannah? Well, she has her own makeup line now that comes in stackable pods. Its kind of a genius idea and the branding and online content they produce is flawless.