Each week we take a look at the top 5 digital marketing news stories that got our attention.

1. ‘Pretty much everyone aged 18-29 is on social media’ – 2017 Sensis Social Media Report.

Each year, the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report speaks to 800 consumers and 1,100 Australian businesses about how they are using social media. Australia’s growing obsession with smartphones is driving more and more people on social platforms than ever before.
Highlights from the report include:
• Almost eight in 10 people now use social media.
• 45% have taken a selfie and this is more common among 18-29 yr old males.
• More than a third of people now access social media more than five times per day.
• In the evening and first thing in the morning have become even more popular and are the most popular times for using social media.
• Visual platforms continue to grow in popularity, with Instagram seeing a 15-point jump in users. Snapchat saw the biggest growth, with usage almost doubling. Twitter has also seen a surge in usage.
• Facebook remains the most popular out of all the platforms.
• More than a third are accessing social media at work.
• Among 18-29-year-olds, social media is often the first and last thing they do every day.
• Almost a quarter of people use social media to follow brands or businesses, and this is even higher among females 30-39.
• Consumers are increasingly accessing social media on their phones.

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2. Facebook viewability well below MRC standards

The MRC for those who don’t know is the Media Rating Council. They were set up to regulate audience measurement services to ensure they are valid, reliable and effective.
Adnews has reported that the viewability scores for Facebook video ads are well below the globally accepted MRC standard and as low as 2% when compared to TV on a like for like basis.
Although these standards are important, Facebook argues that the strength of their campaigns lie within being able to highly target audiences and while viewability might be low, the consumers that are seeing the ads are of more value. The trick is to know what works on the platform, 5 seconds ads with captions are going to be way more appealing to a user than an interruption of a video where they are expected to watch and listen to a 15 second ad.

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3. Test your mobile site speed thanks to Google

Google’s Test My Site lets you test the speed of your mobile site and it will also estimate the number of users you might be losing due to poor load times. You can also look at how your site is compared to your competitors. Once you’ve viewed the results you can also request a personalised assessment of your mobile site to be emailed to you.
Google has recently committed to making sure people have a good experience on mobile, given that most searches (around 60%) come from mobile and we all know how frustrating it can be waiting for slow pages to load when viewing something on mobile.

To test your mobile site performance visit https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/


4. Facebook copies Snapchat…again.

In a bid to make its video feature more fun like other popular video messenger apps (did someone say Snapchat?) Facebook has released new filters and masks for its messenger video feature. The masks and filters can be accessed once you’re in a video conversation with someone and you can choose from masks, arty filters and emoji’s. You can also save and share a picture of the chat by hitting the camera button and share it to your messenger day.

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5. Ooh Media turns to VR to showcase ad creative in-situ.

The new tool developed by Publicis and VR agency FGMNT has been adopted by Ooh!Media proving their commitment to innovation in the media buying space.
“The tool uses web-based technology which will enable clients, agencies and research companies to visualise out-of-home campaigns using VR and 360 video content” reports Adnews.
The new tools allow clients the ability to see locations of their out-of-home ad locations and drag and drop creative to see what they will look like in the space.

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