As our world is becoming more and more digitised in every aspect, digital marketing has grown into a booming industry. The rise of different choices of career in digital marketing are signaling this boom.

Hiring activity in the digital space is strong, particularly in New South Wales and specifically in financial services, insurance and retail, where there has been significant investment in digital teams. This is true because of the strong competition across businesses. Companies are hungry to acquire, convert and retain customers quicker and cheaper than their competitors; and they undoubtedly need digital marketing help to do so.

The increase in demand for strong digital content and social managers has not been a coincidence either. Companies are becoming more aware of the need to integrate content and social strategies to create better customer engagement and brand awareness. Accordingly, digital marketers’ salaries are increasing (Michael Page 2019 Australian Salary Guide) as businesses compete for highly sought after candidates in a skills-short market. This is particularly the case in New South Wales and Victoria.

No doubt, businesses find digital marketers attractive. However, why would a career in digital marketing be a gold mine?

Well, the answer is relatively simple.


Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries. The rapid development of modern technology requires bright minds to keep up with it. There are many businesses turning their efforts to digital marketing in their search for new tools of expansion and customers’ acquisition.

Marketing Technology Landscape Chiefmartec 2015- Career in Digital Marketing

(Marketing Technology Landscape by Scott Brinker, @chiefmartec, January 2015)

Digital is growing like there is no tomorrow because customers are becoming increasingly tech savvy, pushing companies to their digital marketing limits. As a result, digital marketers are sought after and well paid professionals. Digital marketing is a playground for all the tech savvy creatives seeking opportunities to play with the latest technology while hunting big bucks!


Businesses are seeing the need to drive brand awareness through digital channels so overall confidence in digital is strong. As a result, job types in high demand, such as digital marketers, are the most likely to receive above average salary increases.

The Michael Page’s 2019 Salary Guide report confirmed the inevitable – digital jobs are one of the very well paid career choices.

Michael Page Marketing salaries


Digital marketing is one of the career choices which often results in successful self-employment. While it is challenging to succeed in running an aviation business, for example, the digital field welcomes many young entrepreneurs.

Most likely, you would choose to work for an advertising agency or a well-known product brand for a few years before boarding your own ship; however, many digital marketers often expand into business developers, managing directors or business owners. The digital space enables larger room for growth than any other profession.


A career in digital marketing space has many exciting opportunities. Digital marketing offers a giant variety of roles with many fancy names and exciting projects. From digital content producer to web developer, social media manager, digital CRM analyst, e-commerce executive and user experience specialist, you can let your professional imagination go wild.

Surely, each of the roles requires a particular set of skills and knowledge but also opens up more creative, technology-driven and lucrative doors. Additionally, it is relatively easy to make a switch from a content producer to an e-commerce executive within a company or even outside it.


Digital marketing is infused with perks and benefits. Marketers get to work with Sales, Finance, IT, Production, Operations or simply said pretty much with everyone in the business. They get to attend great events locally and even overseas, they collaborate with industry celebrities and network with interesting people or take charge of the company’s marketing budget. It is safe to say that digital marketers manage many processes and people involved, taking charge of highly exciting projects. The digital space is a very vast one which takes people out of cubicles and in front of the business.


Some people draw graffiti on the trains, others become digital marketers. Both are pursing a dream of leaving their mark in this world. Marketers are often wired this way, always striving to create something new and different out of nothing.

Digital marketing is one of the industries that allow you to own your mark. Marketers often become known for their marketing and sales achievements.


Digital marketers these days chase very similar goals to sales people – getting things sold. However, salesmen, in the old good sense of this word, are no longer as effective as they used to be. Cold selling is deemed rude. Advertising and digital marketing campaigns have taken over the business world.

Sales people can make an easier transition to digital marketing with less effort and more money made. This is why former tellers and sales people are acquiring digital marketing degrees improving their careers or changing their employers rather successfully


Although travel agents are the most frequently traveling professionals, marketers get to see the world as well. Often in larger organisations, digital marketers get to attend events all over the world, participate in numerous international projects and connect with people around the globe.

Larger international brands often require their marketing executives and managers to collaborate with representative overseas. Moreover, they often get to swap countries pursuing career development and travel interests.

So what do you think? Can you see yourself as the next digital marketing guru?

The digital marketing field is open to anyone. Regardless of your background, there are no barriers to entry. Additionally, there aren’t too many digital marketers who have felt stuck in one job, for one company, for a long time. Most digital marketers share a relatively high ‘happiness quotient’ when it comes to their day-to-day work. This sounds like a sweet spot career to me!

Marketers are always on the move. One day a marketer might be launching a podcasting or video stream project, and the next day they might be using augmented reality or geotargeting. A digital marketer might work on the agency side and participate in an ever-changing roster of client projects and campaigns, or they might become a product specialist and develop a deep appreciation and knowledge of different markets on the client side. The work is varied, and there’s constant opportunity to learn and expand.

Digital marketing is universal. While many of the largest and best-known digital marketers are located in and around major metropolitan areas, chance is indeed upon us – rural areas are increasingly searching for talented marketers. Moreover, digital marketing is a predominately online field which offers more technology-driven communication allowing certain travel and location flexibility.


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