What is your name?
Tiffany Leahy

Where do you work?
Fairfax/Nine – Publishing

What do you do?
Account Manager in our agency team

How did you end up in your current position/career?
Curiosity! I worked for a small agricultural title for a few years in a production/sales hybrid role where I created paper and magazine layouts, built print advertisements and sold display advertising. When our office moved into the wider group (Fairfax at the time) I was keen to learn what other people were doing and what their roles were and built up some strong relationships in the commercial team. After working in a 100% print environment digital was a huge learning curve and I haven’t looked back!

Favourite part of your job?
Problem solving! Honestly, there is nothing better than be able to help someone troubleshoot their problems or work together to create a plan that absolutely nails every single client KPI. If we can make this kind of thing easier it makes it easier for our agencies and clients, and when we are easy to work with it creates a halo effect and they want to work with us more.

What’s a typical workday or week look like for you?
I don’t like to use the term busy, I prefer ‘always on’! I usually have at least one or 2 external meetings a day and then several internal ones a week where we work with our strategy and brand teams on big brief responses, our product team who take us through new and exciting opportunities. When we are SUPER lucky our journalists will run us through what they have been up to, this could be taking us through photo galleries of the recent fires or how to create an investigative podcast. And let’s not forget emails! Many hours spent on internal and external emails!

One piece of advice for someone wanting to break into the same profession
Be persistent and networking. And don’t think, oh no I haven’t studied media and comms, who will even look at my unrelated degree! Work ethic, tenacity and the right attitude can get you anything!

One piece of advice you would give to yourself as an 18-year old today?
Work for what you want and don’t be afraid of asking questions, people are always willing to answer and you will learn more from doing that than most other things! And back yourself always!