What is your name?
Julie Westrup

Where do you work?
Lumi Media

What do you do?
Head of Sales and Marketing .

How did you end up in your current position/career?
My career has taken me through both sales and marketing positions. I am in my current role as, after 5 years of consulting on digital marketing strategy and execution, I was ready to go back to a client-side role. This role lets me use all of my skills and I love that I have influence over the entire customer journey.

Favourite part of your job?
I love that this role allows me to use both my creative and strategic skills. It’s the first role I’ve had where this is the case and it challenges me as no other job has because of that.

What’s a typical workday or week look like for you?
As a start-up company, my team is small and agile and we all pitch in to get the work done. No two days are ever the same. I could be developing and presenting sales and marketing strategy to the Board, building a website or researching and writing content for white papers, blog posts, sales collateral. I am involved in client presentations, create social media posts, build email nurture programs for prospects and on-boarding programs for new customers.

One piece of advice for someone wanting to break into the same profession
Be prepared to start at the bottom and take every opportunity you are given to learn something new. Digital skills are in high demand and the platforms being used by marketers evolve rapidly – if you are reasonably tech-savvy and not afraid to give things a try you’ll be a very valuable asset to any marketing team.

One piece of advice you would give to yourself as an 18-year old today?
Try and find something you enjoy and build your career around that. I have only recently realised how much I love the creative aspect of my job. If I were 18 again I would likely have followed a very different path to the one I have taken. I may have ended up in the same role at the end of the day, but the path to get here may have been less circuitous.