Hays, one of the global leaders in recruiting services, have published their new Quarterly Report about current recruiting, salary and candidate trends in Australia for October to December 2015. Considering we offer digital marketing courses we took a closer look at the trends of skills and employment in the marketing sector.

The biggest trend based on the Hays report in marketing is that there is still an increasing need for digital marketing professionals, including Digital Producers as organisations continue to shift their marketing, and not only marketing activities, to the online space. In the broader marketing sector there has been an increase in vacancy activity and companies are looking for candidates with a proven track record and with strong marketing and communications skills.

An interesting finding is that employers will now ask candidates to prepare marketing or business plan for the second stage interviews.

Companies are looking for candidates with various digital marketing skills

In terms of the skills in demand, the obvious trend in the last quarter of 2015 is that companies are looking for candidates with digital production skills who will be able to work on new website, social media or mobile application projects. Another noticeable high demand is for Content producers as companies are increasing the inbound and content marketing activities. So skills like SEO, content writing, social media marketing will be valuable to have to help companies to be successful with their digital marketing projects.

Top skills in demand:

  • Digital Producers
  • Content Producers
  • Paid Search Executives
  • Digital Campaign Managers
  • Digital Marketing Coordinators
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Managers with specific industry experience
  • Marketing Coordinators and Executives

Paid search executives are also sought by companies which are using paid search and retargeting campaigns to promote their products and services and to generate new leads. Due to the increased number of digital campaigns which companies use to build brands, customer acquisition and customer retention, Digital Campaign Managers or Digital Marketing Managers will be also needed to manage those multi-channel campaigns.

Digital marketing professionals look for a role that allows them to work with an innovative and agile business.

One of the most obvious candidate’s trends is that candidates are focused on up-skilling as they are aware that they need to follow the fast changing digital marketing trends and technologies. Therefore they are undertaking training or studying specialised digital marketing courses to improve their skills.

Other very common trends in the last quarter of the 2015 calendar year are that digital marketing professionals look for a role that will allow them to work in an innovative business environment; more candidates are now looking for flexible working conditions and prefer roles which would offer them training and development, a good culture, a good salary and a convenient location.

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