8 04, 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS Digital Advertising

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In today’s world where everybody is online, having a business that does not advertise online is setting themselves up for failure. Your business needs to keep up with the modern world and have a Digital Advertising strategy.

Like traditional advertising, a Digital Advertising strategy can be used to:

  • promote your product;
  • generate brand awareness;
  • increase sales.

Your Digital Advertising […]

8 04, 2020

5 Things To Boost Your Websites Conversion Rate

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Are you looking at your website conversion rate but left with nothing but complete disappointment? Getting traffic is great but it means absolutely nothing if the traffic flowing to your website is not converting into leads and sales. 

Here are five ways in which you can boost your websites conversion rate statistics.


A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as ‘split testing’ is a method to compare two pieces of content. […]

8 04, 2020

Why Local SEO Is Important For Your Business

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Want to get your local business in front of potential customers for free? Capitalise on local SEO and all it has to offer? Don’t know where to start with local SEO? No need to worry, our local SEO checklist will get you on the right path.

97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day.

The time […]

29 01, 2019

The Fundamentals of SEO: Keyword Research

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Are you starting out in a marketing role and have been asked to do some “keyword research”? The term seems like a trivial concoction of words thrown together, but is it as simple as it sounds? Keyword research, being one of the most valuable and return-yielding exercises performed in search marketing certainly isn’t simple, but it can be easy.

Keyword research involves identifying the most popular queries typed into […]

19 12, 2018

2019 Digital Marketing Trends and what they mean for modern marketers

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Before we get stuck into looking at the 2019 Digital Marketing trends let’s first take a look at the year that was.

2018 was a rocky year for some (hello Facebook and the now infamous Cambridge Analytica data scandal) and in some cases it still continues to be (hello Facebook’s recent data breach in Sept that saw over 50 million users’ data compromised). 2018 definitely shone a light on customer data, how it […]

7 03, 2018

E-commerce startups! Your seven-step digital marketing strategy to make you money from the outset.

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If there’s one thing that sets start-up entrepreneurs apart from the rest, it’s the ability to provide a product that the consumer needs.

They’ve done the research.

They’ve got the energy and gusto to deliver.

And they know exactly how their product is going to change the lives of their market for the better.

Unfortunately, in the early days, the budget doesn’t always match the enthusiasm.

With so many new and costly outgoings to consider, an effective digital […]

10 07, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Emoji search is actually a thing, Snapchat just added a new feature marketers will love and Facebook introduces new measurement tools.

By |2017-07-18T10:27:11+10:00July 10th, 2017|Content Marketing, Digital Marketing News, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing|

1. Snapchat just changed the game for marketing on its platform

The big news this week is that Snapchat has released some new features and one of them is going to change the game when it comes to using Snapchat for marketing. You can now add a URL to your snaps to help drive traffic to a destination. This is huge news for Snapchat […]

3 07, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Latest Sensis Social Media Report is out, Facebook adds new features to video message and VR used for outdoor media buying!

By |2017-07-18T10:27:13+10:00July 3rd, 2017|Digital Marketing News, Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing|

Each week we take a look at the top 5 digital marketing news stories that got our attention.

1. ‘Pretty much everyone aged 18-29 is on social media’ – 2017 Sensis Social Media Report.

Each year, the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report speaks to 800 consumers and 1,100 Australian businesses about how they are using social media. Australia’s growing obsession with smartphones is […]

9 04, 2015

SEO Is Here to Stay

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SEO – You may hate it but don’t ignore it.

Search Engine Optimisation traditionally has been and continues to be one of the most difficult concepts for people to understand when it comes to digital marketing. Most of the people have no idea as to what SEOs do or how it works. Google’s autocomplete tool quite effectively captures this sentiment:

SEO is not dead

It’s absolutely understandable […]