11 05, 2018

The psychology of social media: the real reasons we ‘like’ on Facebook

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To get a grasp on social media engagement, digital marketers keep up with the ever-evolving algorithms that determine how and when content is seen, and by whom. We experiment with social channels to figure out what makes our communities respond, to discover optimal frequency and times to post.

It’s one thing to get your content in front of people at the right moment, but to trigger them to engage we’ve got to look beyond […]

11 05, 2018

Is University the best place to learn key industry skills in 2018?

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Sally Browner, General Manager of The Left Bank and Coder Academy shares her thoughts on the recent findings that Universities may not be equipping you with the skills you need for the media and marketing industries.


An interesting article in Adnews recently outlined how Universities are struggling to equip students with the skills they need to be immediately effective in the marketing and media industries. This is a trend that is being […]

7 03, 2018

E-commerce startups! Your seven-step digital marketing strategy to make you money from the outset.

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If there’s one thing that sets start-up entrepreneurs apart from the rest, it’s the ability to provide a product that the consumer needs.

They’ve done the research.

They’ve got the energy and gusto to deliver.

And they know exactly how their product is going to change the lives of their market for the better.

Unfortunately, in the early days, the budget doesn’t always match the enthusiasm.

With so many new and costly outgoings to consider, an effective digital […]

14 09, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Facebook tests offline video, Pinterest releases latest demographic insights and Australia first for Twitter in-stream video ads.

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  1. Male users on Pinterest are up 50% year on year

Pinterest has announced more than 200 million people now use Pinterest every month and they have seen a 50% increase in male users.

In a recent announcement, they have said their audience has grown by nearly 40 percent since last year. In terms of categories, they’ve seen a 46% increase year-over-year increase for people saving food-related Pins to Pinterest, making it the largest mobile […]

8 09, 2017

Facebook retires uncommon boost post options, Game of Thrones star hosts new Twitter video series and LinkedIn announces new native ad network

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  1. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams hosts Converse video series for Twitter.
    Converse will launch a new original video programming series called “Public Access’. Each Ep lasts around 15-20 minutes and the first ep of the series will be hosted by Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark). Miley Cyrus will also host an upcoming episode with more Eps still in the pipeline. The video series to targeted to the younger […]

31 08, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Google releases its most significant update yet, YouTube embraces vertical video, is WhatsApp about to release business profiles?

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  1. Snapchat offers verified accounts to stop influencers leaving it for Instagram

Snapchat has finally embraced influencers on its platform sending emails to its ‘Top Creators’ offering them the option to set up an ‘Official Stories’ account. The ‘Official Stories’ accounts are like verified accounts on Twitter and Instagram.These official profiles will now be featured when users search for a topic. These official accounts were released back in 2015 but were only reserved for […]

24 07, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Core Snapchat change, Google home now in Aus, Shopify streamlines check out and Nordstrom goes digital for latest campaign.

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  1. Snapchat just released a feature that changes one of its core aspects.

With the rise of short storytelling becoming more and more prevalent across social media, Snapchat released has released a new feature called ‘Multi-snap’ which enables more freedom around the Snapchat 10 second rule.

This new feature is considered a fundamental change of one of the core aspects of the platform and is considered an interesting development considering the battle between Snapchat and […]

24 11, 2016

There’s a tool for that!

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Written by Paul Goldston.

It’s a jungle out there.

There are just so many tools out in the wild to choose from; each one with its own compelling marketing campaigns and slick sales teams knocking at your door, trying to convince you that IT AND IT ALONE is the silver bullet to catapult your business into the Fortune 500.

Truly, I don’t blame the countless number of clients that come to us pulling their hair out […]

23 09, 2016

Your Digital Marketing Strategy: is it still relevant?

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The way you market to your clients and customers has changed dramatically in recent years. Digital marketing has now become more prominent than ever – and traditional marketers are having to learn new skills to stay relevant.

Five years ago, specialist skills such as email, content and search engine marketing, as well as SEO, were rare. But today, most marketers and businesses do understand the basics of digital marketing and how to implement it.

These […]