19 12, 2018

2019 Digital Marketing Trends and what they mean for modern marketers

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Wait, what, it’s Christmas already? How did that happen? Before we get stuck into looking at the 2019 Digital Marketing trends let’s first take a look at the year that was.

2018 was a rocky year for some (hello Facebook and the now infamous Cambridge Analytica data scandal) and in some cases it still continues to be (hello Facebook’s recent data breach in Sept that saw over 50 million users’ data compromised). 2018 […]

1 10, 2018

How to be a perpetual Content Marketing ideas generator

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Are you starting out on your Content Marketing journey and already fretting about how you are going to find inspiration and content marketing ideas week-after-week, month-after-month?

Surely you’re going to run out of content ideas any day now and will be left with a depressingly empty feed and in a deep creative hole of despair?

You’re not alone in this concern.

Luckily, the creative process […]

11 05, 2018

Is University the best place to learn key industry skills in 2018?

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Sally Browner, General Manager of The Left Bank and Coder Academy shares her thoughts on the recent findings that Universities may not be equipping you with the skills you need for the media and marketing industries.


An interesting article in Adnews recently outlined how Universities are struggling to equip students with the skills they need to be immediately effective in the marketing and media industries. This is a trend that is being […]

28 09, 2017

Best app for scheduling social media content

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Social media is a strange beast. On the one hand, it’s opened up individuals and businesses to global audiences and revolutionised the way we interact. At the touch of a screen, we can broadcast our thoughts, selfies, pets and products across the planet.

In theory, it sounds simple enough.

But as anyone who has ever been charged with executing a social media strategy will attest, it’s anything but. Putting aside the time it takes to […]

14 09, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Facebook tests offline video, Pinterest releases latest demographic insights and Australia first for Twitter in-stream video ads.

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  1. Male users on Pinterest are up 50% year on year

Pinterest has announced more than 200 million people now use Pinterest every month and they have seen a 50% increase in male users.

In a recent announcement, they have said their audience has grown by nearly 40 percent since last year. In terms of categories, they’ve seen a 46% increase year-over-year increase for people saving food-related Pins to Pinterest, making it the largest mobile […]

15 08, 2017

True or false: women are more likely to use social media on the toilet?

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The 2017 Sensis Social Media Report is out and the report’s findings are pretty eye-opening. It has uncovered the impact of social media on our anxiety levels, which Australians use social media the most… and whether men or women are more likely to use social media on the toilet!

The Sensis Social Media Report has been tracking Australians for six years now. To get their data for the 2017 report, Sensis spoke to 800 […]

7 08, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Amex hack Facebook’s autoplay ads, Google updates image search, Instagram pods explained and which Kardashian will host her own Snapchat show?

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1. American Express Reward Facebook users who watch their ad
Amex has made sure anyone who sees one of their video ads on Facebook in the future will watch with the sound turned up! In a recent video they uploaded to Facebook promoting a Guns and Roses concert, the brand offered free tickets to those listening by announcing in the voice over that the first 50 people to text the name of the lead […]

10 07, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Emoji search is actually a thing, Snapchat just added a new feature marketers will love and Facebook introduces new measurement tools.

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1. Snapchat just changed the game for marketing on its platform

The big news this week is that Snapchat has released some new features and one of them is going to change the game when it comes to using Snapchat for marketing. You can now add a URL to your snaps to help drive traffic to a destination. This is huge news for Snapchat […]

26 06, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Facebook has a new mission, Snapmap launches, Instagram Live updates and Snapchat partners with Time Warner!

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Each week, we bring you the top 5 digital marketing news stories that got our attention.

Let’s go…

  1. Facebook has a new mission.

Last week Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s new mission statement at their very first Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago.

Their new mission, which is ‘To give people the power to build community to bring the world closer together’ emphasises Facebook’s role in helping to build communities.

At the centre of their new mission is Facebook […]

13 06, 2017

The Weekly 5 – Apple announces iOS 11 & more

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Each week we bring you the top 5 digital marketing stories that caught our eye. Here are the top 5 stories from the last week:

1. Apple announces iOS 11

Apple announced its latest operating system iOS 11 last week at an annual event. The new updates will be available from September and will include a host new features.

New iOS 11 feature include:

  • Person to person Apple […]