What is your name?
Lee-Anne Bishop

Where do you work?
Winetitles Media

What do you do?
Mostly I sell print advertising into a quarterly wine industry publication. I also sell digital advertising into an email newsletter and onto a website. At times I sell into other print publications including a monthly industry magazine and an annual Directory.

How did you end up in your current position/career?
My father was in advertising in a way, as he owned a sign business. I think that was what made me aware of the industry. It also gave me some relatable experience having done work experience with him.

I applied for my first media job with a small local newspaper and after spending a year there I moved to News Limited where I sold advertising into their local print newspapers. I then moved to Fairfax where I worked in digital advertising.

I spent eight years in digital advertising with Fairfax and Telstra and then I worked for an advertising agency specialising in digital media for seven years. I recently decided to work less, teach more yoga.

After taking some time off I took a part-time position with Winetitles.

Favourite part of your job?
I like a good chat with the client and I like to assist them. I love putting together proposals, I feel proud and satisfied when I send one off to a client. It’s also always a good feeling when a sale comes through!

What’s a typical workday, or week look like for you?

  • Check emails and respond to clients
  • Send out emails with next issue feature Information
  • Follow up info email to see if they might like to advertise
  • Follow up any proposal already sent
  • Process bookings
  • Process artwork
  • Keep records in the CRM up to date – to keep track of who I’ve contacted and what we have spoken about
  • Look for opportunities to help clients plan more long term activity and activity in digital media as well as print– annual plans rather than just next issue, multi print publications and digital offerings
  • Put proposals together – Excel schedule and PowerPoint slides (including placement information and visuals for print and online activity)
  • Chase, chase, chase – artwork, booking forms, creative
  • Attend internal meetings with the editorial team, creative department, sale management meetings

One piece of advice for someone wanting to break into the same profession
Don’t wait for a job to come up, go into the business you are interested in working for and ask to speak to the manager, have a chat and leave your resume. Any relatable work experience will be very helpful in securing your first position.

One piece of advice you would give to yourself as an 18-year old today?
Be patient, accept that you may need to start at the bottom and work your way up!