5 Things To Boost Your Websites Conversion Rate

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Are you looking at your website conversion rate but left with nothing but complete disappointment? Getting traffic is great but it means absolutely nothing if the traffic flowing to your website is not converting into leads and sales. 

Here are five ways in which you can boost your websites conversion rate statistics.


A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as ‘split testing’ is a method to compare two pieces of content. Stop leaving money on the table, and start using split testing to improve your website conversion rate statistics.


“A/B testing can be a lightweight, sustainable, and time-saving activity that helps you get the biggest returns on the experiments you’re running on your site.”

Marketing automation tools allow you to create an A/B test. Simply create an email or landing page, then create a second that is slightly tweaked. Common tweaks you can make are to the following elements:


Subject lines, headlines, content body, you can tweak these. Change up subject lines or headlines to see what gets more emails opened. Tweaking the content body by using different words and adding data.

Images and Videos

People are more visual and respond to content that has images and a video. Videos are on the rise and if you place one on a landing page you can increase your conversions by 80%.

Call to action

Call to actions should have a short sharp message on with what they will get when they take action. Here are 15 examples of what big brands have for their call to action. Whatever message you choose to have on your call to action, your button should be eye catching so that it draws the reader’s attention.

Have A Sales Funnel

37% of marketers say the most challenging part of their job is prospecting, and without that crucial first step, it’s difficult to build a pipeline. This is a problem business owners have when they do not have a sales funnel in place. Sales funnels are the key to increase your website conversion rate statistics.

“The sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products.”

Using sales funnels helps businesses to grow. As without a sales funnel it is harder (or near impossible) for you to increase your website conversion rate statistics.

Website performance

Identify and review potential roadblocks of your website to improve your conversion rate statistics. 

Roadblock 1: Slow Loading

Visitors do not sit and wait for a page to load. People want information they are seeking instantly or they go elsewhere. Take a fresh look at your website to see how fast your website is loading. You can do this for free via Google Page Speed Insights.

Roadblock 2: Navigation

When visitors land on your website they want to quickly and effortlessly get to where they want to be. Only 16% of landing pages don’t have navigation bars but removing the navigation menu can increase conversions by 100%. You’ll need to think carefully about whether your page really needs one.

Roadblock 3: Bad Copy

Yes – bad copy is one main reason why your website conversion rate statistics are poor! 59% of people would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website or marketing material according to a study by Real Business

Social Proof

A whopping 70% of consumers rely on opinions they read to make purchase decisions. Visitors to a website need proof of real customers that you have sold your product too. Three different types of social proof you can use in your landing page are:

1. Testimonials

Testimonials when not just a generic empty statement such as ‘great product’ or ‘fantastic service’ can lead to a rise in website conversion rates. WikiJobs experienced an increase of 34% when using testimonials. Encourage customers to leave detailed testimonials and increase your credibility.

2. Product Reviews

Product reviews are essential for eCommerce business owners as it helps to build trust. Having a mixed bag of reviews allows potential customers to see that REAL people are buying your product.

3. Case Studies

Case studies are a powerful form of content that explains a customers problem and how a business has solved it using their products and real-life examples. Digital marketer Neil Patel believes using case studies have increased his deal closing by 70%.

Incentives for Action

Creating a sense of urgency or by offering something for free is a great way to improve your conversion rates.


Scarcity is adding a sense of urgency. Make an offer available to ‘x’ amount of people for ‘x’ amount of time. Scarcity works best when there is a high demand but a low supply of a product.

Free or discounted offer

Giving away something for free or discounted is an incentive for taking action. Everyone wants a bargain. Using discounts codes for unique campaigns is a great way to increase prospective customers interest in your product.

Every Digital Marketer is continually striving to boost their conversation rate. There’s no magic formula on how to do it other than to trust the data that comes from your page visits. Have you tried all the steps we’ve mentioned? If not, give them a go and see if they work for you.

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