31 03, 2020

How Online Digital Marketing Courses Can Grow Your Education and Career

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When you are trying to do what is best for your branding and business in 2020, you have to get a handle on Digital Marketing. Taking courses that teach you all about Digital Marketing will help you pick up your skillset and do what is best for your future. 

Below we will talk about Digital Marketing courses and how they are useful. 

Why Taking Digital Marketing Courses is So Crucial

24 03, 2020

Left Bank Student Spotlight: Jessica Hankinson

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Jessica Hankinson

Online or on-campus student?
What city do you live in?
Perth Western, Australia
What subject are you up to?
Subject 3: Content Marketing
What was your motivation for doing this course?
I’ve been a graphic designer for the past 10 years and have run my own business as well as also having been the Creative Director for a property development team and now working for Channel 7.

Along the way, I have developed and learned about marketing […]

24 03, 2020

Left Bank Educator Spotlight: Annette Staglieno

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First, tell me a bit about you! (who you are, what you do, something fun!)|
I’m Annette and I’m the Academic Manager at Left Bank. I’ve been with Left Bank for almost 4 years and even though I’ve had some pretty cool jobs throughout my career this has to be my favourite!

I love spending time with my dog, Pete, going on hikes and exploring Victoria. I am also a true […]

24 03, 2020

A Day In The Life Of A Digital Media Specialist: Lee-Anne Bishop

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What is your name?
Lee-Anne Bishop

Where do you work?
Winetitles Media

What do you do?

19 03, 2020

Crisis communication can make or break a brand; 8 steps to respond during COVID -19

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In the time of a crisis like the current Covid-19 pandemic, website updates and email marketing with your customers should be at the top of your priority list. The manner in which a company responds to a crisis can either significantly harm your reputation or do the complete and preferred opposite; build brand loyalty and trust.

Here are 8 things to consider when facing a crisis:

1 – Don’t […]